Non-bank Loans Online The Best Overview of ONLINE Companies

Non-bank loans via the internet and the choice of a loan company. There are several basic rules for secure borrowing that must be followed. Before you use a non-bank loan, read the advice. Finish safely!

Safe rules for using the loan company’s offer

Safe rules for using the loan company

There are several rules to follow before you sign a loan agreement with a specific entity. Before you decide on a loan, ask yourself a few questions that you must answer honestly:

1. Is this loan really necessary for me?
2. Can not wait with the expense and finance it in the future, saving money every month?
3. How much will the loan amount amount to? Does it have to be so big?
4. Is my financial capacity to repay the loan on time sufficient. The loan taken out should be returned in a timely manner and usually much more than it was borrowed (exception: free loans for new customers). The total cost of the loan consists of interest and additional borrowing costs. Calculate monthly income and expenses. Check if the surplus in the home budget will be enough to repay the loan (possible installment).

Checking the loan company

Checking the loan company

It is necessary to check the potential lender and, of course, the services offered by him. You can do it in many ways, even if you search for information about it on the internet. The more accurately you check, the less chance you have to “get down” to the fraudster. It can be a company that collects administrative fees and does not return them without a loan or pseudo social media portals, which are earned on very expensive phone calls. In addition, on the KNF website , you will find a list of entities that are covered by financial supervision. On the website you will find a register of entities suspected of conducting illegal banking activity.

Check how much the total cost of non-bank loans will be

Check how much the total cost of non-bank loans will be

The total cost of the loan is all fees associated with the loan. You must know! More! You have the right to it! An entity or a loan company is required to inform you what costs will be charged for the loan. What can be the cost of a loan? Loan companies use different types of costs, they can be called differently in different companies. It can be: – preparation fee, – loan insurance fee), – payment for sending installments, phone calls, debt collection, etc.

Loan agreement

Loan agreement

Before you sign anything, please read the contract and all attachments (regulations, etc.). You will not read, you will not explain any doubts – DO NOT SIGN! The legal consequences will be the same, do you know what you are signing or do not know. Therefore, pay attention to: – nominal interest rate and actual loans – compare it with other offers on the market; – additional payments related to the loan; – collateral for a loan (eg you borrow PLN 2,000, and the security is a car with a market value of PLN 10,000); – costs related to loan service; – additional entries, and above all those that have been written in an unreadable small font.

VERY IMPORTANT! If the entity from which you intend to take out a loan does not (can not) explain to you the services it offers, do not under any circumstances sign a contract with it! Give up his services! In addition, the company can not urge you to sign the contract. If you need more time, you need to consult an agreement with a lawyer or someone from the family, and maybe even, you are not convinced about the loan, do not hurry! Take advantage of this time and make the best decision.

If you have signed a loan with an economic entity that grants cash loans, you have 14 days to withdraw from the contract.

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